Doing Something That Makes You Uncomfortable

I used to never take pictures of people, just things, nature. People made me nervous. I thought I would screw up. I liked nature because it just was what it was. I didn’t have to pose it, make it smile or anything. But then people started asking for me to do their pictures. I felt uncomfortable. At first I wanted to say no, but knew I could do it, it was just something different. I had to try it, practice it. So I said yes. Now I love it! So just because something new makes you uncomfortable doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Believe in yourself!

See the Little Things


Today I see the beauty that in days past I drove by disregarded.  I see the beautiful sunrises. I see the amazing colors I saw as dull before.  I see the raindrops on flowers I steped over before.  I take time to stop and watch the butterflies land on the flowers and admire how God created them to change so dramatically.  Then I stop and think how much that really relates to my life, and I was blessed enough to change for the good.  Today I take time to enjoy His creations instead of running through life like I really still do.  But I enjoy it a lot more today.  Thank you Lord for rescuing me from the hole I was in, so I have a second chance to see this today!  🙂

People not Things


We all go through hard times in our lives, losing jobs, losing “things”, but they aren’t really our things to begin with.  They are all God’s things. God has given us everything we have. Things come and go.  People come and go.  But the one thing that is more important that those “things” are those people.  People God gives us to help us learn, help us grow. Some deter us from our path, but others get us back on it. So today, just remember all those who love you, and care about you.  Thank them, tell them what they mean to you, because they won’t always be there.  And it will put a smile on their face today.  And yours. 🙂  God Bless!

Start Each Day With a Grateful Heart!

barn4 c

I just added a new portfolio of barns, and it has been interesting seeing all the different stages of deterioration the barns are in.  This is a barn in Washington, IL that was not completely blown away by the tornado on November 17, 2013.  Some was, but it was still standing, probably beacause of its firm foundation.  It is a good reminder how lucky, no, how blessed so many were that day a couple years ago.  We have so much to be grateful for every day.  🙂

Fight the Fight Against Addiction Vendor Fair

flower9 c

This Saturday, May 7th, there is a vendor fair in Pekin, IL from 9am -2pm at Pekin First Church of the Nazarene.  It is to raise money for a walk that will be held in August, that is to create awareness for addiction.  That money will be donated to a foundation that provides Naloxone, which is a counteractive drug to help those overdosing from opiods.  There are so many struggling with addiction, even on a daily basis. So many have lost there lives to this disease, but there are also so many that still struggle with it.  I don’t believe jail is a solution for addicts.  There is more to the problem, the putting them in a cell.  That will not fix the problem.   Going to a treatment center saved my life, but I had to WANT to get and stay clean and sober.  Today, I am so grateful for where I am.  I love my life, and today I actually LIVE life.

Today is a beautiful day!

DANDELION CEach day we are given is a blessing.  Recently there have been so many deaths, famous people or someone just around the corner.  Spend as much time with your family as you can.  Don’t let it slip away.  God has given us the time here that we have to take advantage of and not waste.  Spend quality time with those you love, listen to one another, hug and kiss your children.  You never know when your time will be up.  Prayers to all those who have lost someone they someone they love.

Sharing Our Gifts

I love to take pictures!  I hope you enjoy them!  God has given us all gifts to use and share with others. Since I have gotten sober, my daughter and I have gotten involved in doing walks for various things that mean things to us. My nephew and a few cousins have Type 1 diabetes, so this will be our 3rd year of doing the JDRF walk for them. My grandma has Alzheimers, so this will be the second year we do the walk for that. I am a grateful recovering alcoholic/addict, so this will be our second year for for doing the Recovery Walks! walk. And we are now adding a new one this year, another Recovery walk called Fight the Fight against Addiction! A portion of all the money I make from selling my books and photography goes to our teams for these walks. Also, the past couple years I have gone back to the treatment center and shared my story/testimony at the treatment center where I got clean/sober. It pays for that too. Every little bit helps. We all have gifts God gives us. Some of us He gives a second chance. I know I got mine. It’s time for me to share it. Thanks for reading this and please let me know if you are interested in any pieces of art.